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LED Lighting Systems

Oreon is a Dutch innovative developer and manufacturer of high-tech LED grow lights for the horticulture and indoor & vertical farming.

Almost 15 years ago Oreon started in the horticultural LED business after being front leader in the development of LED in consumer goods and public lighting. Throughout many years of research, numerous successful tests have been implemented in greenhouses and research facilities.

In 2009 Oreon installed its first commercial project with water cooled LED grow lights in a Dutch tomato greenhouse. Since then, the LED fixtures of Oreon are being used in greenhouses and indoor & vertical growing facilities above different types of crops, all over the world.

Active water-cooling technology

Oreon developed an water-cooling technology to actively cool the LED fixtures and to ensure a low operating temperature. A low operating temperatures benefits the light output, efficiency and lifespan of the electronics and leds.

The water-cooling technology enables a grower to separate light from heat resulting in a better controllable greenhouse climate. Less radiant heat means fewer temperature fluctuations, resulting in stable temperature, RH and CO2 values.

Another advantage is the possibility of reusing the dissipated heat. By making use of a heat exchanger, this energy can be re-used to heat the greenhouse or increasing the temperature of, for instance, spray water.

Taking sustainability into count; reusing dissipated heat means making full use of the energy consumption of the LED fixture and saving on HVAC, resulting in maximum energy savings.


Types of LED Lighting:

Top Light

Top Light

Multi-layer Lighting