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AgroTeck is proud to be always at the forefront and attentive to market developments and news.

As such, our most recent area of expertise is centered on Hi-Tech Installations.

These are high-tech facilities for the production of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Controlled by semi-closed positive pressure ventilation systems.


Types of Solutions for Hi-Tech Installations:

Greenhouse Production

Installation of turnkey greenhouses for the production of cannabis.
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Artificial Lighting

High-tech artificial lighting in LED or HPS.
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HVAC Climatization

Air Conditioning Refrigeration Systems.
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Thermal and Photoperiod Nets

Thermal nets and automatic BLACKOUT system.
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Rolling Benches

Rolling cultivation tables for cannabis production.
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Positive Pressure Ventilation

Positive pressure semi-closed systems.
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Vertical Ventilation

Next generation growing systems.
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Pad & Fans Climatization

Pad & Fans Climatization System.
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