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HVAC Climatization

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HVAC Climatization System

Budding Legal Cannabis Industry Needs Specialized HVAC Systems for Grow Rooms. Most of the legal cannabis product comes from grow rooms.

They are designed to produce high yields of specific strains of marijuana and are customized to meet the needs of those strains.

Some are completely sealed greenhouses. Others have few windows and only use special artificial lights to stimulate plant growth.

Why use a grow room?

It’s easier to control the potency and strain of the marijuana in a carefully designed grow room than it is in an open field. The product is also safer from insects, disease, errant crop dusters, and theft.

The Need for a Specialized HVAC System

There a few considerations when designing the ideal HVAC system for grow rooms.
Here’s why:

Temperature and Humidity - Grow rooms must be set with specific temperature and humidity ranges. These ranges may vary depending on the crop. But, too little or too much humidity will spoil the crop.

Energy Consumption - Grow rooms are also extremely energy intensive. In addition to needing powerful HVAC systems to keep temperature and humidity within range, they also require an incredible amount energy for specialized lighting.

Odor Management - With a high concentration of marijuana plants, grow rooms are notorious for producing an overwhelming aroma within a small space.

The ideal HVAC system must help solve, if not mitigate, the problems that arise from operating a grow room.