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Thermal and Photoperiod Nets

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Thermal and Photoperiod Nets

Light Deprivation - The Light deprivation systems or blackout technique allows you to control the hours of light your cannabis plants receive. When you trick your plants into thinking that the shorter light periods of autumn are beginning, they will speed up the flowering process.

This means you can control when your plants flower at will, allowing you to achieve more harvest per year. Light deprivation can be installed using two or three layers of fabric.

Screen Shading - - Interior screens provide shading and heat energy conservation. When retracted on cloudy days, they provide maximum available light for photosynthesis. When closed at night during the heating season, they save on heating costs.

Shade screens also reduce condensation of leaf surfaces. Select an open weave for greenhouses with natural vents or closed weabe for pad & fan-cooled houses.

Ultra Tight Profile - Using our proprietary “Ultra Tight Profile”, Alweco can seal any greenhouse virtually completely regardless on your greenhouse style, and whether it is a new or existing greenhouse.

This type of profile is ideally suited for poly greenhouses and van be used in greenhouses with or without trusses (lattice girders). It can also be used if additional systems need to be mounted on your truss.

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